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July 25th, 2016 by J

Pamela Anderson has never lost her charm and she’s still on the lookout for some quick, no strings attached pleasures. People still catch her hooking up even in public transportation, when there are cameras recording her every word and action. Here is one of those adventures where she gives her taxi driver a sloppy blowjob, made him plow her rough in the pussy and ass, and of course take all this dude’s sticky cum and make him tremble from too much pleasure as she continues to lick and suck that stiff cock dry.

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March 19th, 2016 by J

It is no secret about the intriguing life of Pamela Anderson when she was young. There were stories about her being abused sexually and that even her own boyfriend got into a nasty fuck fest with friends with Pamela as the bait. It’s been told that this happened against her will but as she got older, having breast implants, posing for Playboy, and anything else that would scream how much of a slutty chick she really is, some people lost their sympathy for the so-called victim in Pamela. It doesn’t seem to bother her because they may be some truth in it but who knows really? As a Baywatch babe, Pamela started attracting more and more admirers but a lot of these are giving unwanted attention. The idea that Pamela is nothing but a stupid blonde bitch with a pair of massive fake breasts for brains, sort of washed away all the remaining belief that she didn’t like how she was treated by men from when she was a lil girl. But here she is, like any other leaked videos people have watched, trying to do anything to get your attention. Plain to see how easy it is for her to make you glued on the tube and eventually find yourselves wishing at the back of your head that you had a taste of her virgin cunt.

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She enjoys play and play she does in all sorts of kinkiness to downright hardcore. Even when she became a famous TV personality and sexy magazines model, she can’t help but draw attention to herself even without the camera rolling just to hear someone shout, “Action!”. Pamela Anderson creates her very own action-filled movies right in the comfort of her own home. She gives us a glimpse of her naughtiness and probably, simply just how she is even as a teen. To make it short, she liked whatever happened to her long ago and she’s just playing victim and pretend to be some skanky damsel in distress to a naked knight ready to sweep her off her feet. Aside from wild sexual plays with different men and at times a number of them at the same time, Pamela never tire of toying with her pussy when she just wanted to make you all drool. She still has a rather meaty pair of tits despite going under the knife and she plays with that snatch pretty damn good on cam.

All Rise for Pamela Anderson!

June 16th, 2010 by pam

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Pamela Anderson caught the attention of all red blooded males everywhere when she made a splash across television screens as the busty blonde lifeguard in the tight red swimsuit on Baywatch. This well-endowed former showgirl turned model/actress gave that television show a much needed boost in terms of ratings and sex appeal.

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She caused quite a stir  when a sex tape of her gained nationwide attention. She made the sex tape  with her then husband, Tommy Lee, during their honeymoon. The tape, which features the couple going at it with total abandon, was allegedly stolen and then leaked to the internet. Pamela Anderson is best known for her charity work, Playboy spreads and television roles. That, and for her humungous boobs!

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Pam’s world-famous “puppies” are on display for the nth time

July 30th, 2008 by pam

Pamela Anderson considers her enhanced breasts her “puppies” and she can’t imagine life without them.  She’s had numerous breast enhancement surgeries done to her titties during the course of her career.  No wonder she’s taken good care of them because they certainly made it possible for her to be where she is right now.  Her breasts and her penchant to expose them made her a household name all over the world.  I’m sure you wouldn’t mind if you got another look at Pam’s breasts.  I for one never tire looking at them.  So get these sample images of her glorious tits that I’ve included with this post.  Just click on the thumbnails to download the full version.

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Here are some classic nudes of Pamela Anderson

July 30th, 2008 by pam

You probably know that Pamela Anderson has been on the cover of Playboy for a record eleven times.  But if you belong to the younger generation and you only know that Pamela was once a “Baywatch” babe, then let me tell you that she was once upon a time the hottest blonde in Hollywood.  During her time, no other bimbo came close to her.  She’s the object of every man’s desires during the nineties so she more than made up for the public demand for sexy and nude pictures of her by posing numerous times for Playboy and other popular men’s magazines.  And I guess you’re curious as to what a young Pam looks like.  So I included some classic pictures of Pamela Anderson posing in her birthday suit in this post.  Check out the thumbs below and click them to get the full picture.

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Bombshell Pam Anderson exposes her shaved kitty

July 30th, 2008 by pam

Ever since her two leaked sex tapes, Pamela Anderson has become more entrenched in the minds of horny men of all ages.  Her tapes, particularly the one with Tommy Lee, have cemented her reputation as a sex kitten with the body to blow away any man.  She’s got skills in the blowing department too as you undoubtedly saw in the mentioned sex videos.  But there was one scene in the video with Tommy Lee that shows Pam sitting on the deck of the boat with her legs wide open and her shaved pussy totally exposed.  That scene made me want to eat her smooth kitty for breakfast.  So here are more nude pictures of Pamela showing off her yummy, shaved twat.

All these pictures make me want to dive in and bury my face in her crotch.  Check them out yourself and click on the thumbs to download the pics.  You can also visit Pamela Anderson Nude for more naked photos of this blonde bombshell.  Just be ready with the tissue paper because you won’t be able to resist a wank fest once you’re inside.

Pamela Anderson featured in some hot black and white photos

July 30th, 2008 by pam

Pamela Anderson, the sex symbol of the nineties, is featured in this set displaying her voluptuous bod deliciously.  The black and white setting of the photos lends a classy feel to this shoot.  Pamela never fails to induce a woodie to any normal man and these photos are more than enough to do just that.  Enjoy looking at Pam’s huge breasts as she poses in just a small thong panty.  In one pic, she’s sitting down with her hot legs spread open and her crotch displayed for the world to look at.  Just imagine what’s behind those panties and I’m sure you’ll have a major boner in no time at all.  Add to that her sultry look that seems to promise of kinky things to come.  In another photo, she’s lying on her back totally nude and you can just see that she’s smooth down south.  No wonder Borat tried to kidnap this blonde bombshell when they met.  Click the thumbs for the full-sized pictures and be sure to also check out hundreds more of steamy, nude images of Pamela Anderson by clicking on this link right here.